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Clare Sound is the trusted production partner for most student-run events in Cambridge. From club nights, to college BOPS, to May Balls, if you've been to a student-run live music event in Cambridge the odds are it was our engineers making it sound great. If it didn't sound great it probably wasn't us ;)

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all event production and we stock a range of professional audio and lighting equipment for events of all sizes. We also have a network of local and national partners allowing us to provide staging, marquees, saddlespan tents, generators and projection equipment at highly-discounted rates to deliver larger events to a very high standard.

Our professional team helps to elevate events by taking the stress out of tech for organisers and delivering incredible experiences for audiences.

We are unbeatable on price and will happily match any equivalent quote. 

Our professional full service event management spin off, Triple Arrow Productions, run by Clare Sound alumni, work directly with May Balls to deliver your events professionally and at scale. Visit our dedicated site here to find out more.


A wet hire is where you hire any of our industry standard equipment but with technicians who can set up, operate, and take it down after the event to a professional standard. The main advantages of wet hires are that they:


1. take all the stress out of tech as we can sort everything tech related for you;

2. if you don't know in advance exactly what equipment you'll need we can do all the planning for you based on musician/artist requirements;

3. make live music in particular sound much better as we're literally a sound engineering society and our technicians genuinely enjoy getting the best possible mix.

For an additional fee we are also able to collect and deliver, or you can organise that yourself.

Wet hires are generally a bit more expensive than dry hires and depend on the size of your event so we only recommend this if you have live bands or have absolutely no idea how to operate the equipment yourself. Generally, for most simple dry hires we're able to run you through how to use the equipment at a basic level.

Every event is different so please contact us with your requirements using the booking form here and we'll work with you to deliver your event.


To find out more about our bespoke conference production offering please read through our brochure here:


We partnered with Hughes Hall College for their 2023 May Ball, you can check out the finished product below!

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