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We stock a wide range of industry standard equipment for student and private events at a significant discount compared with commercial production companies. The vast majority of our revenue goes back into the society in order to purchase new equipment and maintain our existing stock. 


As our primary objective as a society is to facilitate student live music, we are flexible on price within reason and never want the cost of hiring equipment to prohibit you from running an event. As such, we can offer discounted prices on a discretionary basis to student events. If you are organising a charity event or an event within Clare College, we are able to offer discounted prices. Please contact us here with an equipment list and/or event requirements to discuss a discount on advertised prices.

All our hire shop equipment is available on a dry hire basis where you operate the equipment yourself. Some of our more advanced and high-end equipment is only available on a wet hire basis. Please see here to find out more about our wet hire services or contact us if you're looking for specific equipment.


Please note, standard hires may be subject to additional surcharge if your event is within one week (7 days) of booking.  

We generally prefer organisers to collect and return dry hire equipment from/to our base at Clare Cellars, Clare College, Trinity Lane, CB2 1TL. However, we are able deliver/collect equipment depending on availability and distance. There is a minimum £55 delivery fee for all deliveries and collections.

All prices are for per day hires (longer term rentals >1 week are subject to discounted prices), VAT is not applicable.

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DJ Event Package


For DJ events with capacities up to 300 people, we offer:

2x Yamaha DBR12s PAs, 1x D&B active subwoofer, 1x analogue mixing desk, 1x mic, and all required stands and cabling (inc. RCA-RCA).

Basic Live Band Package


For small live band events, we can offer a basic set up including: 

2x Yamaha DBR12s PAs, 1x Mackie 12" wedge monitor, 1x Yamaha MG16 mixer (Soundcraft UI24 digital mixer available on request), 2x AKG D5 Vocal Mics, 1x AKG D112 MkII Kick Drum Mic, 1x SM57 snare mic, 1x Sennheiser E609 guitar cab mic, 1x bass cab mic/DI, 1x Behringer Ultra Pro DI for keys. All stands and cabling are included.

For an additional £20 you can hire an engineer to set up the equipment but you must operate and de rig the equipment yourself.

Basic Lighting Package


We offer a venue uplighting package suitable for relatively small venues with lights which can remain steady, fade between colours, or flash on beat with music:

6x ADJ Tripar Profile Plus, 2x Shard LB002 LED bars.

Please note, each light requires a UK mains power socket. For lights placed within 2m only one power socket is required for multiple daisy chained lights. Professional lighting is available on request.


NEXO PS15 PA System


Extremely powerful compact point source PA system suitable for large events. Includes power amplifier.

NEXO LF1200 Subwoofers


Optional subwoofers with PS15s for improved bass clarity and reinforcement.

Yamaha Stagepas 600i PAs


Highly compact PA system with included powered mixer. Suitable for small events.

Yamaha DBR12 PA System


Versatile PA system for all but large events. Full range speakers which pack a punch with clarity.

Mackie 12" PA


Single PA useful for small house parties and events. Useful as an active monitor wedge.

HK Audio P:RO 12M Monitors


Extremely clear passive monitor wedges. Price per unit (includes amp)


Behringer X32


Full format digital mixer suitable for larger events.

Soundcraft Ui24r


Digital mixing desk, highly versatile and compact. Connect using a mobile device (24in/12out)

Yamaha MG16


Robust analogue mixing desk suitable for inexperienced operators and easy to use.




Vocal mic with a good sound.

Shure Beta 58


Vocal mic with a GREAT sound.

Shure Beta 57A


Instrument mic - great for horns.

Shure Beta 52A


Bass mic - great for kick drum or bass amp.

Sennheiser E609


Specialised guitar cab mic.

Behringer Ultra DI100


Mono DI with thru output. Converts unbalanced jack/XLR to balanced XLR.

Behringer Ultra-G GI100


Mono DI with guitar cab simulator.

SE Electronics SE5


Condenser mic especially good for drum overhead.

Shure SM57


Versatile instrument mic.

Shure PG81


Condenser instrument mic - very clear.

Shure Beta 87C


Premium condenser vocal mic

AKG D112 MkII. 


Bass mic - great for kick or bass amp.

Radial Pro DI


Premium mono DI. Stereo available (+£5)

Behringer Ultra Pro 4way DI rack


Rack DI - useful for multiple unbalanced inputs.


QUANTUM QC415 Bass Amp




BOSS Katana 50 MkII Guitar Amp


Roland Professional Keyboard





1m light bar. Creates great effects with individually programmable LEDs.

Martin Atomic DMX3000 Strobe


Very powerful professional strobe.

Orbit 70W Moving Head


Great compact moving head effect light.

ADJ Tripar Profile Plus


Highly versatile venue uplighters.

ETC Nomad w/ EOS Macbook


Custom designed lighting control software for our fixtures loaded on a MacBook interfaced using ETC Nomad.



Funky standalone light bar - great for uplighting.

3m Equinox Truss


3m stand truss for rigging.

UV Bars


Great for neon parties!

Chauvet 30W Birdies + cross bar


Great little spot/wash lights. Extra £5/stand.

Marconi Wireless Relay Cam


Wireless relay cam for stage video relay.


Mixing Desks
Mics & DIs

Thanks for submitting! We aim to respond to all hire requests within 24hrs.

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